Meet the SuCarMuS Fellows

Ovidiu is the president of the Trib’Art Association, a recent initiative that aims to develop, support and promote cultural and artistic activities and events, by organizing festivals, recitals, concerts, masterclasses.

After graduating from The University of Music and Theatre (Hamburg, Germany), he started his career as a percussionist at Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg. Currently an employee of the Romanian State Opera Timisoara (Romania), Ovidiu is committed to the development and progression of the local cultural events. He produced a series of music and art festivals, such as Asfalt Art Festival and Bazar Muzical. He also coordinated events in partnership with local associations: Cafe 21- public debates series (partner: the Association Timisoara European Cultural Capital), JimboBlues Festival and The Unplugged Concerts - music festivals (partner: Timis County Council), Dante 21 (partner: the Association Timisoara European Cultural Capital, Theatre delle Albe, Ravenna, Italy).

Recently, Ovidiu is producing two musical projects with national cultural and educational impact: Eufonia Festival - the most important chamber music festival in western Romania and Romanian Chamber Orchestra - a string ensemble of 22 musicians

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