The Call for applications has ended on Monday, June 24th 2019.
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The SuCarMuS project: How will we do it

By following our programme, you will have the opportunity to enhance your understanding of the structures and processes of the music sector ecosystem.


How does it work

Through a series of workshops, lectures, consultation and mentoring sessions, 8 selected young participants will enhance their understanding of the structures and processes of the music sector value network, raising both their personal and affiliated organizations’ profiles, guided by personalized consultations and mentoring sessions from established and well-respected music professionals.

In addition, the team of fellows will have the opportunity of participating in WOMEX 2019, the most international music meeting in the world and the biggest conference of the global music scene, featuring a trade fair, talks, films and a showcase festival. The participants will enjoy a series of preparation meetings on site before WOMEX, guided by their trainees/mentors and a team from WOMEX, which is an associated partner of the project. This will give them a unique opportunity to observe the way others work and help them extend their professional networks on international level.

Finally, through the extensive documentation of the workshops and mentoring sessions, a handbook with guidelines about networking on international level will be developed and published online.

Project Partners

The project is led by Cyprus Music Information Centre (CyMIC) and is implemented in partnership with Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics - Greek Music Documentation Centre (IEMA).

The partners consortium also includes Piranha Arts Consultancy (Piranha Arts AG – World Music Expo), aiding on the design of the capacity building workshops, as well as providing the framework and platform for the international networking session of the project, in WOMEX 2019 in Tampere, Finland.

The Training Programme


Residential Training Workshops

Two intensive 2-day residential training events are foreseen during the one-year project implementation period.

The first workshop will take place in Cyprus on 28-29 July 2019 and the second on 28-29 January 2020 in Athens, Greece. The Cyprus’ training session will be hosted in the picturesque village of Kato Drys, and it will be run in parallel with the Fengaros Music Village, a vibrant artistic community-led music workshop series.

During the morning, a series of presentations, seminars, workshops and lectures is planned, while the afternoon will be reserved for personalized consultations (individually or in smaller groups). During the two days, topics such as leadership in the music sector, international cooperation and networking, creativity and innovation will be addressed and discussed, exploring the issues and challenges that Europe’s music sector faces today.

International Networking session

The selected fellows will visit and take part in WOMEX 2019 Music Expo. There they will have the chance of meeting new colleagues and potential partners, interacting with the WOMEX community and establishing long-lasting professional networks at an international level.

All the participants will enjoy pre-WOMEX preparation meetings and gatherings and some guidance throughout the event, teaming up with participants of the WOMEX Academy, a project run by Piranha Arts Consultancy, which aims to support artists and other music professionals who wish to strengthen their skills to access international circuits and markets.

Online Training/Mentoring Sessions

After the first training workshop session each of the fellows will be assigned to a tutor/mentor and a series of online (skype) mentoring sessions will be conducted (2 x 1.5 hour).

The pairings of tutor/mentors and fellows will be made on a case-by-case basis, within the list of participating international tutors, taking into consideration the preferences outlined in the Express of Interest letter, the profile of the fellow, professional interests, language skills, and the individual/small group consultation sessions carried out during the residential training sessions. Fellows will be developing a fellowship work plan, in consultations with both tutor/mentors and SuCarMuS project administrative team.

Presentation of Fellowship Experience / Follow-up

At the end of the second residential training event (Athens, 28-29 January 2020), the project team will invite the fellows to present the results of their work and plans for follow-up. This session will include training seminars in leadership and change management, hence preparing fellows for knowledge transfer in their home institutions.

Each fellow gains specific knowledge and skills, and typically manages to create networks with international music professionals. The fellow will be encouraged to share this knowledge and skills with his/her colleagues in the home institutions/organizations. Knowledge sharing must be structured, with at least one presentation for colleagues. At the end of the project, the fellow will prepare and deliver a participation report to the SuCarMuS team.  

Application and Selection


Eligible Applicants

The project is specifically designed for young entrepreneurs (in the first decade of their career) in the field of music (producers, managers, promoters, labels, etc.). The program will suit emerging music professionals who would like to increase their understanding of the music sector processes and dynamics, gaining exposure to key role models and developing partnerships with peers for long-term networking and support. Participants will be selected based on their senior leadership potential.

  • national of one of the following countries: Cyprus, Greece, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia,

  • initial managerial experience or prospects of assuming leadership responsibilities,

  • proven knowledge and understanding of their local music sector landscape,

  • a suitable level of English,

  • teamwork skills,

  • having a professional project which can benefit from international skills and networks will be a plus.

Selection process

The selection results will be announced by the beginning of July 2019. Please kindly note, that you will have five day to confirm your participation should you have been selected. In case of no-response, the spot will be offered to another applicant.

Application Process

Applications can be submitted exclusively until Monday the 24th of June 2019, 12:00 CET via the online application form. Applications sent by post, fax or e-mail will not be considered!

The application must be completed in English. 

When filling out the application form, you will be asked to provide information which requires a longer period of time for writing. You can write the text in advance in a standard text writing programme and copy/paste it into the appropriate field of the application form. 

You will be requested to upload the following documents: 

  • Detailed CV in English (maximum 3 pages, pdf): The CV should include a description of your relevant professional experience to date and a summary of your educational and academic background, such as, name of your home organisation, job title, number of months/years spent in each position, description of your duties and responsibilities, details of the work you have carried out, etc. 


  • Express of Interest Letter: We expect you to write a motivation letter, (minimum of 300 words, maximum of 500), with a detailed presentation of your motive for applying to the Project, relationship of your professional interest with the Project, as well as your intermediate- and long-term professional goals and expectations about the Project. 

When answering these questions online be as specific as possible: 

  • Please describe your major area of professional interest and describe how it relates with the thematic fields of the SuCarMuS project – professionalization, internationalization, exchange and collaboration across different sectors of the music ecosystem, international networking.

  • Please describe how the knowledge and skills you will gain will help you address your organization’s and local music sector needs.

  • Please state your professional goals for the next 5 years; how will the SuCarMuS Project help you reach those goals?

Topics covered by SuCarMuS


  • The music business ecosystem

  • Fan engagement (audience development, content strategy, branding)

  • International Networking

  • Working with music artists (management & development)

  • Innovation in the music sector

  • Legal issues

  • Funding opportunities

  • Project/Event development & management

What will you gain

  • Enhance your professional expertise, with emphasis given on the processes and dynamics of international music markets and circuits.

  • Profit from the knowledge and expertise from experienced music industry professionals.

  • Exchange ideas and collaborate with professionals across different sectors of the music industry.

  • Discover the different European markets and get the chance to network at an international level.

  • Travel and accommodation costs covered to all events of the SuCarMuS project.

Costs covered

Up to eight (8) scholarships will be available for successful applicants.

The support granted to the 8 selected fellows by the SuCarMuS project includes:

  • International travel costs to all SuCarMuS events (a. Kato Drys, Cyprus, b. Athens, Greece and c. Tampere, Finland for the training workshops and WOMEX 2019)

  • Accommodation: 3 nights in Kato Drys, Cyprus (27-30 July 2019), 3 nights in Athens, Greece (27-30 January 2020) and 4 nights in Tampere, Finland (22-26 October 2019). Hotels will be pre-booked by SuCarMuS.

  • WOMEX 2019 registration fee.

  • Food & Beverage: During the two workshop sessions (Cyprus and Greece) fellows will be offered Breakfast and Lunch.

  • Transportation: All local travel during workshops will be organised and covered by SuCarMuS.

  • Some social activities and evening events might also be included.

All fellows will have to pay a participation fee of EUR 250.


The call for applications has ended on Monday the 24th of June 2019, 12:00 CET.


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